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              ? ? ? ? Corporate Vision: To become a leader in China's art coating industry.
              Committed to technological change in the art coating industry, leading the industry technology;
              Provide professional marketing and technical training for the art coating industry operators, leading the industry services;
              To provide customers with high-quality, personalized products, leading the quality of the industry.
              Enterprise mission: to provide customers with personalized products, and strive to protect the public's health and artistic living space.
              To provide customers with high-quality environmentally friendly personalized products; to provide customers with professional technical support and services; to create a fast, professional and efficient service team.
              Core values: integrity, pragmatism, professionalism, innovation, learning, gratitude.
              "Integrity: sincerity, credibility, words must be done, and deeds must be resolute; pragmatic: everything is practical and seeking truth from facts; professional: product professional, technical professional, service professional;
              "Innovation: people do not have me, people have me fine; learning: keep making progress, keep exploring, and keep summarizing; · gratitude: grateful to parents, customers, colleagues, and companies.

              Strategic goal: train 200 successful entrepreneurs with annual income of more than 1 million every year; 10 regional general agents with annual income of more than 5 million.
              48-word execution truth: determination first, success or failure second; speed first, perfection second; result first, reason second; earnestness first, smart second; results in advance, self-retardation; focus on repetition .
              5R word execution system: all things work, there must be a plan; all things plan, there must be results; all things result, there must be responsibility; all things are responsible, there must be inspections; all things are inspected, there must be reports; all things are reported, there must be rewards and punishments.

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